Why (and What is) Monk Fruit?

Luo Han Guo is the Chinese formal name for what we know as monk fruit.  Rather than copying and pasting all things about monk fruit unnecessary to our discussion, monk fruits’ purpose, as is the case with many plants cultivated in and around China was medicinal.  It was used in the treatment of heat related […]

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Separating Ourselves From The Rest

For those who do not know much (or anything) about me or about Hank’s Protein Plus my name is Henry “Hank” Capasso and I am the owner/creator of Hank’s Protein Plus High Protein Nut Butter Spreads.  My reasons for reaching out are two-fold, primarily I want to introduce myself to you and also to give […]

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All our spreads are now made with olive oil, some labels on shelf may not reflect this but will upon next printing. Thank you Hank

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE we are now selling Vanilla and Chocolate Cashew 5lb Bulk.
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