Wednesday 19th February, 2020

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As owner of Hank’s Protein Plus I am writing this to inform all of those who have supported me through the years that the accounts that are on line selling my product are not my accounts and DO NOT have my permission to sell anything made by us, Hank’s Protein Plus.  I am adamant in informing you that if you want product that is fresh and delivered to you within 2 weeks of us making it DO NOT purchase it online.  Again none of these are my accounts and no one has permission to sell online.  The only legitimate on-line selling either comes from our own website, or a stores website such as 5 Star Nutrition, GNC beginning in March, Total Nutrition to name a few.  A few of the platforms that are recognized worldwide have even gone to the lengths of using my business’s name Hanks Protein Plus as the seller.  I am not the seller and I never will be the seller.  I have found that bottom-feeders use fake names and create fake accounts knowing that people are still going to try to purchase my product at a lower price.  The problem is no one knows how long that particular product has been sitting in someones warehouse or store so what you are getting is a product that does not represent our company, it is a product that is compromised….. I would not put my name on product that condition.  Because that leads to bad reviews, never to buy our product again. Besides, buying direct from us or to one of the stores that we wholesale to (as mentioned above) is always the better deal.  We offer free product on every order and no one pays any money out of their pocket for shipping.  I am proud of what we have done in a short period of time but of course there are people out to undercut me and everyone else who is trying to make business work for them not against them.  With on-line sales I am literally working against myself to sell my product!  Typical greed and so typical of jumping on someone else’s coat tails to try to make a dollar.  Maybe they should try coming up with their own product and work 12-14 hours every day to build a business instead of undercutting me and everyone else who running a business above board with sweat and hard work.  We know that we have an awesome product so don’t let some of these on-line platforms give you something that is anything less than perfect.