Hanks Protein Plus WON functional snack product of the year award

Wednesday 29th August, 2018

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hankspbs What began as just experimenting with a functional ingredient called Oligonol results in a 1st Place Award🏅🏅🏅! Briefly, Oligonol is an extracted from lychee fruit. The benefits this extract showed positive results in clinical studies for circulatory disorders, the lowering of blood fats and the lowering of body fat in those studied with Metabolic Syndrome. There are also cosmetic/anti aging benefits too long to get into but is worth researching yourself.

This is @hankspbs 1st recognition of any kind…and in Sapporo Japan no less! Maypro Industries approached us a few months back and asked me if I would work with them in the developing of a line of Functional Snack Food products.

Maypro is the leading global supplier of the highest quality neutraceutical ingredients to sport supplement and cosmetic companies …just to name a couple. We were unaware that the ownership of Maypro had been consuming our products for a few months, ordering them for their home office in Manhattan N.Y.!!

It took some time but the end product tasted so good that the owners of Maypro asked me if it was ok to enter it in THE 2018 FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENT INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM in Sapporo. All of us corroborated on a new label specifically for this one of a kind product….The result? 1st Place for the Best Snack Food Product of the Year. It is the first year that the Snack Food category was added to this event. I can’t thank the owners of MayPro enough for approaching us to take on this project. It really came out of left field somewhere but it reinforces my belief that if the product is consistently good, good can happen. There is a marketing plan in the very near future for a line of @hankspbs using functional ingredients so stay tuned!


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