Hanks makes the change to a Healthier, Additive Free Coconut

Thursday 3rd August, 2017

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It is our mission to grow Hanks nut butter spreads to the most recognizable, best tasting high protein line of products on the market.  In this process, I consider it imperative to make our line healthy, removing any at risk ingredients to the best of our capabilities.  For this reason we have changed the coconut product that we use in our Coconut Nut Spread and in our Coconut Almond Chip almond spread.  We now are using what is known as a high grade unsweetened dessicated coconut.  Although it is an unsweetened product, we take the time to sweeten it ourselves with the same organic stevia that we use in all of our recipes.


This new product is poly-propylene glycol free.  Poly-Propylene Glycol is a solvent and is an ingredient in non-toxic antifreeze products and its chief use is as a preservative and as a thickener.  Even though the FDA has deemed it safe in small amounts, we have made the choice to consider our consumer first, and to eliminate it and instead employ the use of our new coconut in all of our coconut containing products.


As you may already know, we have removed xylitol from all of our recipes and instead increased the amount of organic stevia in each or our 8 products.  Both changes are more expensive to us as manufacturers however we have absorbed the cost to pass on a better product at the same price.   As always we thank our followers and our customers for making Hanks Protein Plus what it is and what we promise it to be.


Respectfully, Hank Capasso


Hank Capasso CEO & Originator
Hank’s Protein Plus Protein Nut Spreads
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