Hanks is now xylitol free

Thursday 3rd August, 2017

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In an attempt to make our product line as user friendly as possible, I found it necessary to remove some of the ingredients that were staples of the original Hank’s recipes.  Besides xylitol, I have also made the change to a dessicatedpoly-proylene glycol free” coconut that contains only one “clean” preservative that we now use in the two flavors of nut butters that contain coconut.  My investigation of Xylitol however was the springboard for product awareness, attempting to make our product line healthier, even for dogs.  About a year ago as our product line began to take off, I received several phone calls from dog advocates, indicating that the use of xylitol is harmful to dogs.  Honestly I really didn’t pay much attention to it.  My competition uses it therefore I saw no need to change.  I have two dogs, they have consumed my peanut butters and they seemed fine.  However as our business began to grow, I felt the need to personally grow with it.


So I began to break down and research a few of the at risk ingredients.  Xylitol was the first one that I researched.  Interestingly I found out that even in very small amounts it can be toxic to dogs.  Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), seizures and even liver failure have been diagnosed in dogs that have ingested xylitol even infrequently.  Without getting too technical, the digestive process for xylitol consumed by dogs is much faster than in humans therefore xylitol is into their bloodstream much faster, more potently therefore even spotty use of this ingredient can be harmful, even fatal.  We have a home full of animals….2 dogs, 4 lizards (big ones), a guinea pig, a cat, a boa constrictor, 2 rescued feeder rats and a frog!!


Both my daughters are vegetarian.  My youngest daughter is vegan.  So as you can see animal awareness is not a choice, it more recently has become a lifestyle.  I have always been an animal lover, never to the extent of being an advocate for the rights of animals, until recently. In doing my research and in making myself open to their rights it only makes sense.   Why put them in danger, and why would we hurt the ones that we love.


Thank you all,
Sincerely and Respectfully, Hank Capasso


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